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Common Features

For all functional modules / systems (physical access control, indoor positioning, parking monitoring and so on) Areashell provides one universal common set of features.

People Management

All people management operations from universal web console:

  • Personal data
  • Credentials
  • Physical access permissions
  • Software access permissions
  • Time & Attendance policies

Local Graphic Maps

System administrator can use Local Graphic Map Editor embedded into Areashell web console to create local graphic maps for internal rooms and areas. Local graphic maps can be created by importing background image and placing system objects (readers, alarm zones, cameras, area, macro or other graphic map) on it. In Monitoring mode an operator can see the current status of all placed objects and control them with using pop-up control windows.
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Global Graphic Maps

Areashell supports Google Maps to show the current status of areas, fixed or mobile physical objects outside of buildings.
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Area Hierarchy

Areashell uses Areas for grouping objects and simplifying management of the system. Areas are grouped into hierarchy and then can be used for access permission management, object control, alarm monitoring and so on. By selecting an area in Monitoring Mode an operator receives fast access to such features as:

  • Area Dashboard
  • Inner objects status
  • Whole area control
  • People inside report
  • Graphic maps (floor plans)
  • Latest area-scoped event list

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To automate and ensure high speed of execution the standard operation sequences can be organized in Macros and than be executed by event (with special event triggers) or manually, by selecting an icon on some graphic maps, for example.
The most useful commands available in the module are:

  • Change reader mode
  • Grant access through the reader
  • Change alarm zone mode (arm/disarm)
  • Change area mode (open/close)
  • Run another macro

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