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Physical Access Control

Fully Web-based Physical Access Control System

Areashell is a web-based Physical Access Control System management software, providing all required features:

  • System and hardware configuration management
  • Policy management
  • People and credentials management
  • Real-time system monitoring and control
  • Alarm management
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Integration with Active Directory / LDAP directories
  • Notification administrators by Email

Based on HID Global Network Controllers

  • Linux-based controllers
  • IP-based communication between controllers and server
  • HID Global VertX® EVO / Global VertX® Networked Access Controllers:
    Choice between using a separate controller and IP address per door (HID VertX EVO V2000) or using a single controller and IP address for by connecting up to 20 downstream interface modules and 40 readers (HID VertX EVO V1000)
  • HID Global EDGE® EVO / Global EDGE® Networked Access Controllers:
    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) – enabled; Under many circumstances allow to wire an Ethernet cable to a door for both communications and for powering a controller, lock, and readers

User Management

  • Registering users (cardholders)
  • Issuing Credentials – RFID cards, location sensors, PINs, passwords
  • Assigning user groups, roles, permissions
  • Assigning time & attendance policies

Integration with Directory Services

  • Import users from CSV-files
  • Import users from Active Directory / LDAP Directory
  • Grant user roles automatically by mapping Areashell Roles on User Groups defined in Active Directory / LDAP Directory
  • REST-based integration API for user registration from other software
  • Import user photos

Access Policy Management

  • Holidays
  • Time Schedules
  • Person Roles
  • Person Groups

Area Hierarchy

Areas are grouped into hierarchy.

Areas hierarchy can be used:

  • to manage user physical access permissions to rooms, levels, buildings, sites
  • to manage user permissions for object control 
  • to monitor area status and events
  • to issue group commands to all hardware objects in an area and all it’s subareas

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Web based user interface for real-time monitoring 
  • Different displaying modes
  • Recent events table
  • Event details modal window
  • Pop-up windows for events details
  • Full screen mode support
  • Local maps for internal rooms and global maps for outside areas


  • All events are stored in the database and available for report generation
  • Export reports to external files