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Areashell software platform has modular structure and can be used in many different applications. The main solutions based on Areashell software platform are:

  • Physical Access Control
  • Time & Attendance
  • Indoor Positioning / Real Time Location System
  • Parking Monitoring
  • Analog Signal Processing
  • Irrigation System Monitoring

Physical Access Control

Areashell Physical Access Control module is based on HID Global VertX/EDGE Physical Access Control hardware controllers and readers.
In the standard Areashell web-interface Areashell Physical Access Control module provides the possibility to configure access control system hardware (controllers, readers, inputs & outputs), manage access policies (time zones, access levels), users, credentials, graphic maps, notification settings, checkpoint settings and so on.
Also in the sam web-technology based console Areashell provides the possibility of real-time system monitoring, alarm management.
Areashell also provides reporting capabilities with possibility to print or export the generated reports.
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Time & Attendance

Areashell Time & Attendance module is tightly integrated with Areashell Physical Access Control module. It uses the access events stored in the database by Areashell Physical Access Control module.
Physical access control events are used to analyze when people come and leave the working places.
Areashell area-based work areas management.
Areashell time-schedule based work schedule management.
Recurring time shifts support.
Real-time monitoring who is on site.
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Real-Time Location / Indoor Positioning

Monitor people and assets location inside buildings on graphic maps in real time.
Manage people or assets location rules.
Receive alarm signals in real time if the rules are broken.
Receive an alarm signal with location information from a person pressed an alarm button on a watch.
Receive an alarm signal with location information if a person wearing watch does not move.
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Parking Monitoring

Collecting data about space availability from parking sensors in real time.
Recording collected data to the database.
Recording calculated area parking availability data to the database.
Report generation based on the recorded data.
Real-time dashboard of parking availability by areas.
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Areashell Parking Mobile application

Works directly with corporate Areashell instances and Areashell Parking Cloud Services.
Provides users with the information about parking availability of parking areas in the corporate and public parking structures.
Navigates users to the selected parking area with using a default device navigation application.
Free to install and use.
Can be installed from a corporate network or from Apple AppStore or Google Play.
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Irrigation Monitoring

Collecting moisture and temperature data from sensors with analog-to-digital converters.
Recording the collected data to the database.
Report generation based on the collected data.
Real-time monitoring dashboards, displaying moisture and temperature information as lists and diagrams.
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