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Location Services

Internet of Things Ecosystem

Areashell Location Services are based on ASN Inc. intellectual IoT controllers, beacons, and wearable wristband sensors.
The software receives information about nearest beacons from wristband sensors through a network of routers and coordinators, processes it, enforces defined location rules and provide ability to monitor the current situation in real time and with reports.

Monitor people and asset locations on local and global graphic maps in real time.

Location Rules Management

Manage people or assets location rules – set the rules in what areas or near to what objects (beacons) people and assets can appear or must be present at what time.

Location Rules Enforcement

Instantly receive alarm notifications if the location rules are broken (if a person or an asset appears in a restricted area or leaves an area, where he or she should be located at this time)

Personal Alarm Button

Receive an alarm signal with location information from a person pressed an alarm button on a watch.

Activity Monitoring

Receive an alarm signal with location information if a person wearing a watch does not move.

Instantly locate people in buildings and outside areas in emergency situations