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Parking Services

Monitor parking space availability in real time on mobile devices, dashboards and graphic maps


Areashell Parking Service

  • Collect data about parking space availability from parking sensors
  • Calculate and record parking lot and zone parking availability
  • Provide administrators and users with the information about parking availability by zone in real time
  • Generate reports based on the recorded data


IoT Ecosystem

Areashell Parking Monitoring subsystem is based on ASN Inc. intellectual IoT controllers and parking availability sensors.
Parking availability sensors regularly send data about their availability to the nearest router.
The network of routers transfers data from parking sensors to a coordinator.
The coordinator transfers data to the Areashell software.
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Monitoring the availability of each parking spot in real time

Local and Global Maps

Lists of Events for each Sensor


Parking Availability Dashboard

Global Maps for On-Street Parkings

Local Maps for Parking Lots

Custom Images on Local Maps

Lists of Events for each Sensor


Areashell parking mobile application

  • Free to install and use
  • Can be installed from a corporate network or from Apple AppStore or Google Play
  • Works directly with corporate Areashell instances and Areashell Parking Cloud Services


Quickly locate available parking lot

Provides users with the information about parking availability of public and corporate parking lots.

Navigates users to the selected parking lot with using a default device navigation application.

Find Available Parking Space

Quickly locate available parking space in a list or on a map of a parking lot.


Quickly pay for parking

Pay for parking by credit or debit cards.

Automatic parking space detection.

Automatic parking time calculation.

Find Your Car

Check current parking session status.

Quickly locate parked car in the parking lot.