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Universal platform for Security, Physical Access Control, Parking Management, and Monitoring Systems.

Universal Security and Monitoring Platform

Areashell is an intuitive & flexible solution for enterprise physical access control, security and monitoring systems with many
features to consider. Let's take a look at a few!

Fully web-based administrator's and monitoring interface

Fully web-based interface provides all features for managing, monitoring, and controlling all objects in the system. Multiple solutions, working in one system, tightly integrated. Great flexibility on all devices and platforms.

Cloud Ready

Can be installed on premise, in a private cloud, or can be used as a service from Areashell cloud. Multitenancy - can be used by service providers to create their own SaaS solutions.

Enterprise Ready

Integration with Enterprise Information Systems, Active Directory, LDAP Directory, Email servers.

Physical Access Control

Configure access control system hardware, manage access policies, users, credentials, graphic maps, graphic maps, notification settings.

Indoor Location Services

Monitor people and assets location on graphic maps in real time. Manage and enforce people and assets location rules.

Parking Monitoring

Monitor current availability of each parking space of private parking lot or public municipality parking and navigate your customers to the nearest parking space in real time in a mobile app.

Agriculture and Irrigation Monitoring

Always have real-time information about temperature, humidity, moisture, and level of CO2 on monitoring points.

Ready to import users from your existing access control system.

You can import into Areashell users with RFID-cards, system accounts, access permissions, user groups, photos, custom additional fields.

Areashell - the most flexible solution
for building your physical access control, security, and monitoring system.